Overpower Black

Yeyian Headset Stand Overpower Black - SKU: YAO-29201N

• The Gaming Headset Stand Overpower Black comes equipped with a built-in microphone, allowing you to easily communicate with your teammates or friends during gaming sessions without the need for an additional mic accessory.
• Add flair to your gaming setup with vibrant RGB illumination. The stand features customizable RGB lighting effects, allowing you to match your headset stand to the rest of your gaming peripherals or create a unique lighting ambiance.
• Take control of your audio experience with the convenient volume control dial. Adjust the volume levels of your headset directly from the stand, ensuring quick and easy access to your preferred audio settings.
• Easily connect your headset or headphones to the frontal audio and microphone jacks for seamless audio transmission. With these accessible ports, you can conveniently plug in your headset without reaching behind your PC or console.
• Stay connected and organized with the integrated USB hub. The Gaming Headset Stand Overpower Black features multiple USB ports, allowing you to charge your devices, connect additional peripherals, or transfer data with ease.

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Rated Power 5v - 250 mA
Microphone Dimension Ø 6 x 5 mm
Microphone Directional Omnidirectional
Sensitivity (dB) -54 ±3dB
Frequency Response 50 - 10 000 Hz
Connector 500 mV @ 1K0 db
Signal to Noise Ratio 70dB
Top 5 Product Features Built-in Microphone, RGB Illumination, Volume control dial, Frontal Audio and Microphone Jacks, USB Hub, Hardware EQ Mode